Contest Winners

Janette Oke Award 

2018 – Terri Todd

2016 – Janice Dick

Leadership Award 2018

Marcia Lee Laycock

Fall Contest 2018

First Place: Joy Bailey “Prodigy”
Second Place: Bobbi Junior “Stolen Peace”
Third Place: Pamela Mytroen “Only One Song”
Honourable Mention: Carol Schafer “It’s Not the End”

First Place: Joy Bailey “Healing Skies”
Second Place: Carol Schafer “Maybe Next Year There Will Be Figs”
Third Place: Marie Enns “Lament for My Special Kitty”

First Place: Wally Pohlmann “People Are Squirrely”
Second Place: Marie Enns “Making Decisions”
Third Place: Kathleen Friesen “Hidden Realities”
Honourable Mention: Isabel Didrikson “The Raven and the Owl”

First Place: Patricia Anne Elford “Dancing the the Music of Words”
Second Place: Bob Jones “Worship As Warfare”
Third Place: Martha Fehr “Pack Your Bags”

Editor’s Choice Award 

$100.00 – Selected by FellowScript Editor, Nina Morey,
for an outstanding piece in FellowScript 2017/18 year:  Jeanne Heal Osolinksy – “Keeping It Short: Obstacles to Finishing Your Short Story”

Barnabas Award

Selected from InScribe Member applicants by the
Barnabas Award Committee to encourage and help the writer. (Anonymous Donor) $250.00 Award

Michelle Jordanov – 2018

Past Barnabas Award Winners

2016 – Eleanor Bertin

2015 – Nina Faye Morey

2014 – Melanie Fischer

2013 – Brenda Leyland

2012 – Brenda J. Wood

2011 – Nikki Rosen

2010 – Barbara Quaale

2009 – No award this year

2008 – Elaine Ingalls Hogg

Winter Contest 2018 TBA