Nuggets from This Year’s Fall Conference by Tracy Krauss

Every year I look forward to attending InScribe’s annual Fall Conference. This year was no exception. From the onset, I knew it would be different because it was being held at a camp rather than in a conference centre or hotel. A more “rustic” atmosphere meant we were more relaxed. “Retreat style” was the phrase… Read more »

Writing Micro-Memoirs by Lynne Collier

In my previous post, I mentioned writing micro-memoirs. I’m new to writing my personal story in this form, but as I explained, short-form writing has become my preferred style due to necessity. So, what are micro memoirs? I read an interesting quote about writing memoirs in short-form by a fellow micro-memoirist. It’s the best short-form… Read more »

The Power of Short-Form Writing by Lynne Collier

How writing shorter pieces can help with long-term goals… I thought that to be a successful author, I needed to write a stack of epic novels. That was somewhat disheartening because I don’t have the talent or attention span for that. So, I began my career as a writer accidentally. A friend, a psychologist, suggested… Read more »

Tell Your Story by Mary Folkerts

Life is a beautiful, breathtaking, awe-inspiring journey strewn with hard decisions, unexpected diagnoses, unfulfilled dreams, and broken promises. No one is exempt from hard things. The expectation of a pain-free life is unrealistic, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a wonderful life!  What if there was a way to reclaim that brokenness and… Read more »

What Do You Mean I’m Not Done? by Janice L. Dick

The Mystery of Marketing For writers, marketing can be a frightening proposition, partly due to the fact that many of us are more creative than business-minded. If that doesn’t apply to you, be thankful. It’s difficult to handle both, but it is necessary. Back in the day, traditional publishers took care of marketing, but now… Read more »

How Do I Turn This Manuscript into an Actual Book? by Janice L. Dick

Your book is complete, the final lines written. Your website is artistically designed with up-to-date, easy-to-read, marketable information. What’s next? Please remember we each have to find our own path. There is no right way, but there are many helpful tips and suggestions. As a flexible checklist, I suggest setting up a publication schedule. You… Read more »

You Have to Write the Manuscript by Janice L Dick

In a relatively recent mentoring situation, I developed a simple overview of the writing process, as I see it. I also used some of this info for a workshop at the InScribe Conference in 2022. There are three essential parts: writing, publishing, and marketing. You may be well-versed in some areas but missing other aspects… Read more »

Too Many Interesting People by Sheila Webster

I don’t like to meet too many interesting people. If you know me, I am sure you don’t believe me, but it is true. If they are interesting to me, I may want to write about them or help them with their story…or make a compilation based around part of their interesting story. Just last… Read more »

The Energy of Synergy by Sheila Webster

I love, love, love the synergy of being with other writers. Some synonyms for synergy are “community, fellowship, communion, reciprocity, and cooperativeness.” Sounds like InScribe writers! Recently I collaborated with Ruth Snyder on another compilation of short essays, poems etc., Men Who Matter.  The first compilation, Strong Moms, was doing well, and everyone who purchased or borrowed a… Read more »

How ChatGPT is Changing the Writing Landscape Part 2 by Tracy Krauss

Last time I talked in general terms about ChatGPT, the revolutionary new AI writing tool that is taking the world by storm. Like any technology, it has its pros and cons. Some writers feel that it is sounding our death nell, but as I explained last time, its responses often sound very formulaic and soulless… Read more »