Love Your Writing by Brenda J. Wood

Well, here we are in February.  Aren’t you surprised? I am … every winter. I drag myself through all of dreary January. I bemoan the absence of sun and the abundance of snow.  It seems spring will never show up … and yet it does, every single year!

Every year, the birds return from their winter holiday in Florida. The snow melts and green grass and flowers burst forth. And suddenly it’s spring.

Valentines and love and romance show up in February. And did you know that Lent begins on February 14 this year? Our pastor always asks what we are giving up for Lent. (I should give up my moaning about winter.)

Valentines. What does it mean to us when we have lost a love? A dear partner? A lifelong friend? Does love still apply to us? Yes, I think it does … but way beyond the hearts and flowers kind. It’s time to honestly appraise and appreciate our own selves and what we do.

Do people love our writing? Or better yet, do we love our own writing, our topics, our genre? Which is more important? Other people love our work with fickle hearts. We, on the other hand, must honestly love what we do and what we write. If we don’t, there is no purpose in the scribble.

The biggest life lesson we will ever learn is to be true to our own selves. I did the expected for years. While not too exciting, it is a safe way to proceed. If we fit the norm, then who will challenge us? Will we even challenge ourselves?

After I wrote my first cookbook, my mom said, “I know this book sold well, but don’t take the chance on another one. It might not be any good.” Some fifty books later, (only six of them cookbooks) what would she say now?

Somewhere in the middle of all that writing, I found my true self on paper. Once I did that, I also discovered that it was easier to also be my true self in the world.

Is your heart actually open to writing? Are you getting something out of it? Do you just talk about it? Is it making you happy? Do you find satisfaction in it? If you don’t love what you are writing, how can anybody else love it? Where does your writing love lie? Is it even your talent? Are you ACTUALLY writing or just talking about it?

Recently, author Marcy Kennedy taught us a sad, unwanted truth. If you are still saying after multiple years, that you want to write and you are not doing it; be honest with yourself. That is not your talent. Instead find your true path and get on it. Stop trying to be what you are not.

The Bible says to guard our heart because out of it comes the wellspring of life. I hope your heart is well and that you are telling yourself the truth. Find your true path whether it be in writing or better still in every part of your life because only then will you be living your true self for Jesus.

Brenda J. Wood is a motivational speaker and author of more than 50 books who shares with faith, commonsense wisdom, a sense of humour, and quirky comments. Read her daily devotionals at Her favourite things include guest speaking, writing a good book, (and reading one!), a warm fire, and walking on snow-free pavement. Brenda is now a great grandmother, which is amazing since she is only 29!

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  1. Tracy Krauss says:

    Thanks for these words of wisdom, Brenda. It is so important to stop procrastinating. at the same time, we must embrace what we are – and are not – supposed to be doing! Well said.

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