Let Me Make You Laugh by Brenda J Wood

Question: When are kids most likely to go to school?

Answer: When the door is open.

Question: What letter can you drink?

Answer: T (tea)

Question: Why did the sea monster eat five shops that were carrying potatoes?

Answer: No one can eat just one potato ship!

Question: What does a snail say when he is on a turtle’s back?

Answer: Wheeeeee!

Are you laughing yet? No? The reason might be that laughter is best enjoyed in a crowd. One of us twitters, another tee-hees, and the others join in with a guffaw.

Laughter “releases tension, has even been known to heal people.” In 1988, the Fellowship of Merry Christians began encouraging Christians to resurrect Bright Sunday celebrations and call it “Holy Humor Sunday,” with the following theme: “Jesus is the LIFE of the party.”

(Note: According to Wikipedia, Bright Week, Pascha Week, or Renewal Week is the name used by the Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches for the period of seven days beginning on Easter and continuing up to [but not including] the following Sunday, which is known as Thomas Sunday.)

Might I gently ask, “When was the last time you had a real fine guffaw in a church service?”

Now don’t cry out that joy is offensive in a service. What about our faith is dour and glum? Dour and glum describes the attitude that the Pharisees clung to. You remember the Pharisees, those Bible folks with the sad, mournful, complaining attitudes and faces. Have a look around. I hope you don’t see any where you are.

After all, angels can fly because they take themselves lightly, and lighthearted writers write the best kind of books.

Brenda J Wood, author and motivational speaker

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  1. Sharon Espeseth says:

    Well said, Brenda. We are fortunate that our priest begins his sermons with a well-chosen story introduce us to the theme of his message and makes us perk up, chuckle, and even, at times, guffaw. Thanks for your thoughts of doing away with the dour!

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