Wander Back to the Wonder by Violet Nesdoly

Wander Back to the Wonder


My pencil is weary,
my neck muscles cramped,
my brain’s in a fog,
for ideas I’m stumped.

I believe that it’s time
for a good writing break.
But how shall I spend it?
What route should I take?

I could tackle the ironing,
vacuum the floor,
scrub all the toilets,
but there must be more

enjoyable pastimes
to refresh my brain,
make me eager to sit
with my laptop again.

I’ll tune in to podcasts,
watch a TED talk,
sort out some photos,
and go for a walk.

Now my boredom is hungry
I’ll fill all the racks
with dozens of cookies,
then snack and relax.

Play games on my iPad—
Sudoku and Scrabble,
read updates on Twitter,
check on the rabble

of friends and acquaintances
(my Facebook crowd),
read a book just for fun—
I’m sure that’s allowed.

Get pulled into stories
by writing so moving:
Wish I’d write like that
but what am I proving

with all of these breaks?
Now I’m longing for home,
wander back to my desk.
Yes, that time has come.

© 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)

Violet Nesdoly lives near Vancouver B.C. and has been active in freelance writing for 20 years. She has had articles, stories, poetry, reviews, and devotions published in a variety of print and online publications as well as publishing two books of poems and a novel. She has just accepted the position of Poetry Editor for FellowScript. Inscribe members are invited to submit poems for upcoming issues, details HERE.

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