Resurrection Writes by Brenda J Wood

Resurrection Writes

Do you have piles of old manuscripts previously rejected by you, your mother, or an agent? Don’t stuff them into the garbage. Instead, give them another chance by trying them out in the recycle pile. Never let them go, but instead, re-purpose them like your old jeans, which you can make into shorts, purses, aprons, or quilts.

This site will give you ideas for the jeans but I am going to give you some for the writing:

I’ve been inspired to recycle my stuff after reading My Life to Live by Agnes Nixon, published by Crown Archetype. Agnes is the creator of All My Children and One Life to Live, two very successful daytime soap operas.

She wrote All My Children years before it aired. It was turned down several times, but she let it languish in her desk drawer. Finally, it was purchased, went to air in 1970, and stayed there till 2011.

Rule #1 – Never throw out your writing ideas, scripts, or past published stuff.

Rule #2 – Rewrite it and offer it up to another publisher.

Rule # 3 – Revisit it when you are stumped for subjects.

Rule #4 – Tackle only one piece at a time.

Rule #5 – Steal parts of it for other projects.

Rule #6 – Get others to read it for suggestions and corrections.

Rule #7 – Combine several short pieces into one longer story (e.g. memoirs).

Rule# 8 – It is for you to find out and then share it with others.

Like those old jeans, your resurrection rewrites might not look exactly the same, but someone will want them.

brenda-woodBrenda J. Wood is a motivational speaker and author.

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