Any Style Published in 2019

Criteria Score out of 100

/10 Universality and Purpose: Why is the poem written? Does it speak to a wide-ranging audience?

/10 Thought: Does the poem have a worthwhile idea, in wit, wisdom, or humour?

/10 Emotional Loading: Are the poet’s feelings clear and abundant? Are the writer’s moods passed on to you?

/10 Unity and Coherence: Is the poem on one topic? Does one thought follow another logically?

/10 Originality: Is the poem creative, original and unique? Is it concrete? Is it personal?

/10 Readability: What is your overall impression? Does the poem move/grab you? Is it a significant poem?

/10 Form: Is the visual effect pleasing? Is it concise in its statement?

/10 Vocabulary and Imagery: Is word choice good? Are images clear and effective (similes, metaphors, personification, etc.)? Are words connotative?

/10 Sound Effects: Is reading it aloud pleasing? Are rhythm and rhyme effective? Are there any special sound effects (alliteration, repetition, onomatopoeia, etc.)?

/10 The Mechanics: Are poetic conventions followed? Are punctuation, spelling, and grammar correct or at least consistent?