6 Reasons to Plan Early for the New Year by Steph Beth Nickel

This post originally appeared on Janet Sketchley’s blog, Tenacity. Can you believe it? In a little less than a month, it will be 2020. Does that sound as futuristic to you as it does to me? (Maybe I’m just showing my age. <grin>) I like to make plans for the new year at the end Read More

A Different Kind of Resolution by Steph Beth Nickel

This time of year stirs us to make New Year’s resolutions. No matter what we call them, we feel compelled to create a list of goals for the 12 months ahead. And I’m no different. In fact, I love lists. They encourage me to evaluate what I’ve accomplished in the preceding year and what I want to accomplish in the shiny new year that lies before me.

But this year I’m doing things a little differently.

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Sharpening Our Focus in 2016 by Violet Nesdoly

This last December I kept bumping into goal-setting courses and e-books that promised to show me how to make 2016 the best year ever. You too?

Though I’m usually a sucker for these things, this year I resisted. However, I am still using the first weeks of January to examine my life, evaluate, edit, and tweak. I often make these changes instinctively. This year, knowing I would be writing this blog post, I’ve thought about my process more than usual and even reread an old book. Many of the ideas below originate in How to Set Goals and Really Reach Them by Mark Lee (Horizon Books, 1978).

So how do we examine our lives and activities to figure out what to spend our time on and what to omit in the coming year? It really only involves three steps.

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