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Writing Groups


writing-groupsLocal Writing Groups are locally organized chapters of InScribe Christian Writers Fellowship. (See our Directory for our growing list of writer’s groups located in various regions across the country.)

As any writer will appreciate, writing can be a solitary occupation. That’s why we believe it is important for writers to meet with like-minded individuals who are both Christian and passionate about their writing.  Local writing groups meet regularly to provide support and encouragement to Christian writers in various regions across our vast country.

Although the groups operate under the umbrella of InScribe, they are independent entities; they function under the guidance of their local leaders and their own executives.

Local writing groups vary in size from small groups of 2-3 members to larger ones of 20 or more. Some larger groups may break into small groups for sharing and critiquing written work.

Our current Writing Groups coordinator is Tandy Balson. Tandy will keep in touch with group leaders in order to facilitate communication between the various groups and the main body of InScribe. You are welcome to contact Tandy directly via email for further information about the groups.

Updated Nov. 2017


Welcome to our Writing Groups Directory

InScribe members are active in writing groups across the country, with new groups continuing to form. If there is not presently a group in your area, contact your writing group coordinator: Tandy Balson 


What is a writing group? Each group develops its own personality, and meets the needs of its members according to the goals of the group.

What goes on during a writing group? In a co-writing group, during a three hour session, ten to twelve members can take part in two 20 minute periods of writing, followed by a time of sharing what they’ve written. Critique groups may use a different format, described below.

How big should a writing group be? Groups can be as small as two, and grow from there.

What goes on during a writing group meeting? A group may combine several of these formats. While these are typical, yours might find a whole new direction.

  • FREEFALL:  Also described as “Co-writing” this consists of sharing prompts, then writing together as the prompts give inspiration. This is a great way to generate first drafts on unexpected topics.
  • AFFIRMATION: Members share their material and receive positive feedback as to what resonated with the listeners.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Members encourage each other in their writing, pray with each other during dry spells, and hold each other accountable to their personal goals. This type of group works well on-line.
  • CRITIQUE: Members share their work in progress for input and suggestions. Critique groups often share their material by e-mail prior to meetings, then come prepared to discuss what they’ve read.
  • ONLINE: One of the easiest groups to form, this works best with a limited number, if the group is sharing material. An online group often takes the form of accountability, but can include any of the formats.

JOIN A GROUP: Are you interested in being part of a writing group? Click on the name of your province below to find one in your region. To learn more, e-mail the contact person listed for that group.

START A GROUP: InScribe Regional Representatives are waiting to help members start their own groups, or re-launch inactive groups across the country. Not sure where to begin? InScribe has an information kit available to help you get started. Members can receive a kit free of charge. Contact Tandy Balson  for further information.

ALREADY HAVE A GROUP? Perhaps you have an existing writers’ group and are wondering how your group can become a Writing Group within InScribe. Note: Not all people who belong to a local group are required to be InScribe members, but it helps if the group leader or the contact person for the group is a member. Contact Tandy Balson  for details.

Members currently running a group are encouraged to contact Tracy for an online copy of the Writing Group Packet – full of information and ideas to rejuvenate your group.

ADVERTISE YOUR GROUP: Want your writing group listed on our website and in FellowScript?
If you are a member of InScribe and you want your local writing group listed, contact Tandy  via email. Please provide your Group Name, Location, and Contact Person with an email address.

If your information changes or the links don’t work, contact Tandy.


  • Fraser Valley Christian Writers
  • Contact Abe Funk
  • Our purpose is to encourage, educate, and improve through critiques and sharing.




Calgary South

  • South Calgary Writers
  • Contact Nicola Cameron
  • Critique Group. Submit work one week ahead to the above email address.

Calgary West

Edmonton North

Edmonton West End

  • Writers’ Cafe (Note: not accepting new members at this time)
  • Contact Joy Bailey
  • CAFE stands for ‘Community, Accountability, Feedback and Encouragement’

Red Deer

  • ICWF Red Deer Chapter
  • Contact Marian Warkentin
  • Our purpose is to encourage, motivate, and inspire as well as offer critiques and writing exercises.


  • The Writer’s Wellspring
  • Contact Gwen Mathieu
  • A critique group that is challenging and fun with mini free-fall exercises and sharing.


Bond Head, ON

  • The Writers’ Nest
  • Contact Belinda Burston
  • A writer’s group and a place of nurture and growth in the craft of writing. We offer critique if it is asked for. This group has proven to be a safe environment for fledgling writers, who can learn from those with more experience.


  • ICWF Burlington Chapter
  • Contact Nikki Rosen
  • Meets once per month to offer support, encouragement and critiques. It’s a fun group! usually meet the third Thursday of the month, 6:30-9:00 pm. Contact Nikki for details.


  • Writers Unite
  • Contact Glynis M. Belec
  • First Friday of every month at the Studio Factor, 24 Wood Street, Drayton, Ontario


Halifax, NS

Making people believe the unbelievable is no trick; it’s work. … Belief and reader absorption come in the details: An overturned tricycle in the gutter of an abandoned neighborhood can stand for everything.

~Stephen King


InScribe has created a database of writers who are looking for one on one encouragement, accountability, and candid feedback, and then ‘hooks them up’ with another writer with common interests, goals, and experience.  This is especially helpful for writers who live in isolated areas or who cannot become part of a writing group for any other reason.

The idea for ‘Writing Buddies’ was sparked at the 2016 fall conference when Carolyne Aarsen, the VIP day guest speaker, mentioned that she and another writing friend committed to be one another’s ‘writing buddy’ after attending conference. This was before she went on to become a million plus selling author.

Participants must be willing to commit to a six month trial period, agreeing to contact each other at least once a month to talk about their writing goals, barriers, and other related topics. Writing Buddies’ is less about being a ‘critique’ partner or mentor, and more about the encouragement to persevere.

If you are interested or just want more information, contact Tracy Krauss.