Keynote Speaker and Workshops

Keynote speaker Randal Rauser “Writing with Unflinching Boldness
Randal is a seminary professor, husband, dad, and writer. He has authored many theological articles as well as the books “What’s so Confusing about Faith?”, “An Athiest and a Christian Walk into a Bar…” and “A Swedish Atheist, a Scuba Diver, and other Apologetic Rabbit Trails”, among others.

Randal is also providing a Workshop,
Perils and Promises of Writing for Yourself
This seminar explores the tension between writing for the audience and writing for the author and considers how the audience can be found as the author writes for him/herself.

Four F’s of Fine Fiction
Marcia Laycock
This workshop will cover the Four F’s of Fine Fiction: Focused, Finely Tuned, Fast Paced and Full of Feeling. We will cover things like showing instead of telling, how to leave the reader wanting more, packing an emotional punch into your writing and writing dialogue that moves the story forward. 

Marcia’s fiction has won many awards from The Word Guild and ICWF. Six published novels are available from Amazon and Smashwords. Her work has been endorsed by Janette Oke, Sigmund Brouwer, and Mark Buchanan.  Marcia enjoys life in Alberta with her pastor/husband and an adorable Bernadoodle called Livy. Visit her at 

Craft your Social Media Marketing Plan
Ruth Snyder
Social media is a powerful marketing tool if used consistently and appropriately. This hands-on workshop will help you develop your personalized marketing plan to sell your books and/or products. We will begin by discussing our “Who” and our “What” – the basis for any good marketing plan. Then we will talk about principles like building trust, sharing value, and presenting a consistent brand, for reaching out on social media. Finally, we will work on crafting specific messaging and creating a 30-day marketing calendar for you to use in your social media marketing. Be prepared to share and give feedback to others. 

Ruth L. Snyder is an author, and book & creativity coach. She believes God takes our weakest moments and deepest hurts and transforms them into powerful, life-changing stories only we can share. She enjoys helping Christ-centered entrepreneurs write, publish, and market their books. 

Written in the Ashes: Narrative Witness
Sheila Webster
Sometimes our hardest stories are the ones we need to tell. This interactive workshop will boost your skills and confidence. Leaving behind liability, you will learn how to constructively share your words redemptively.

Sheila Webster, MA, is a writer, editor, publisher, and book coach. Her published work includes fiction and non-fiction on sensitive topics and her training as a counselor gives her a compassionate and knowledgeable perspective. She lives in Saskatchewan.

Networking Chat
Grab a cuppa and gather for casual conversation. Get reacquainted with old friends and greet new friends. You have writing and Christ in common, so you are sure to find inspiration.

Freefall Writing|
What is a writers’ conference without some time to write?
Freefall writing provides fun writing prompts that will encourage your words to flow. Leave the editor outside to allow creativity to play.
Sharing what you write is optional but is also most encouraging and inspiring as you hear where the prompts lead other writers.