Blue Pencil

Seeing blue pencil marks covering your manuscript is the opposite of seeing red pen editing marks. Blue pencil marks provide encouragement and highlight what is working in your writing.

Only available to Members who are attending the Fall Conference.
Select one of the experienced authors in your genre as your mentor. When you come to Conference, the Blue Pencil mentor will meet with you to provide encouragement and direction for you to continue to write, edit, and market your writing.

Blue Pencil Guidelines for Mentors and Writersplease read prior to signing up.

Blue Pencil Mentor Chart – approach a mentor now.

What do others have to say about Blue Pencil?

“I had a wonderful session with my Blue Pencil mentor. She went above and beyond, not only providing feedback for my short story but helping me sort out the big picture for me as a writer. It was one of my “God-moments” at the conference and I am so glad that I connected with her.”

 “It stretched me and gave me areas where I can improve my writing.  Just having someone outside my family reading my work was a learning curve for me. I’m glad I took part in the Blue Pencil and I would gladly do it again if given the chance.”