2020 Virtual Conference FAQ

These are some of the questions (with answers) we have received about Fall Conference that may be of help to others.

I am not a member of Inscribe. May I still attend the Virtual Conference?
Yes, please do. Fill out the registration form indicating you are not a member and pay the non-member price. Or, you can become a member, save on the registration fee, and enjoy all the other benefits of being a member, including entering the Fall Contest, receiving a PDF of the quarterly FellowScript magazine, and getting our Inside Inscribe newsletter that will keep you up to date on all the latest happenings.

How much does it cost to register for the Virtual Conference?
All prices are now listed on the website under the Fall Conference dropdown list. There are various prices for members, non-members, early-bird registrations, and more. If you are a member, remember there are subsidies that can help with the cost.

I cannot connect to the registration form.
If you have followed a link from an email, Facebook or other social media, try going to www.inscribe.org and the tab for Fall Conference on the menu. The registration form link that is in the dropdown menu is one that works the best. And, there is a lot more information on the website than can be sent out otherwise.

We do try our best to ensure all links work, but occasionally a link will be damaged.
If you continue to have problems with a link, please contact the Webmaster. If you have questions about content, please contact the Communication Coordinator, who will direct your question to the appropriate person.

I am not able to attend the whole conference. If I miss a session, will I have access to that session later?
Yes. All registrants will have access to all the sessions. We will be posting them on the Conference Facebook Group, at least, if not providing them through other methods as well.
After a few months, the sessions will also be compiled and sold in the Inscribe store, the same as past Conference recordings have been.

I would like to enter the Fall Contest. How do I do that?
The Fall Contest is open to members of inscribe. Winners will be announced during the Fall Conference, however attendance at conference is not required. Details about categories and formatting can be found on the website under the Contest tab on the menu.
Submit entries to the Contest Coordinator and pay for each entry through the Inscribe Store. The entry fee is $30 and includes feedback on your piece from the judges.