But I am not able to attend…

How can I still be a part of the Conference?

Pray for the Conference Planning Committee as they make arrangements for the event.

Pray for those who are able to attend, that God would fill them with His vision for their writing.

Watch the Inscribe store for the audio recordings of the sessions that you can purchase. It’s not the same as being there, but the information is still priceless.

Be part of the Fall Conference planning committee to help make the conference the best it can be for those who are able to attend.

Donate a bit of money as a Friend of Inscribe so a writer who applies for a subsidy. (Any member may apply for this.)

Donate an item to the silent auction, which is a fundraiser at the Conference.

Donate one of your books to be given away during the Conference.

Send promotional material you have, like bookmarks or pens to be added to the registration bags that each attendee receives. Send to Inscribe Christian Fellowship, Box 55905, Edmonton, AB, T5B 0E1

Offer to help contact sponsors, put up a poster at your church, share the information with all your friends, who may share it with all their friends.

Enter the Fall Contest to be blessed by a critique if not a winning cheque.

Apply for one of the Awards, like the Barnabas Award – you don’t need to be at Conference to qualify, though the Awards are announced at Conference.