The Practice of Expert by Brenda J Wood

I have come across more than one baker who never shared the correct recipe. Oh, they will write out the ingredients, but they leave out an essential, like baking powder. They want to be the only expert in their puny field. (Luke 14:10) Over time, we learn not to trust that so-called expert. The same Read More

Stumbling into Expertise by Brenda J Wood

As a writer, I am always taking classes and trying to learn more about my craft. I examined the teaching list of a recent writer’s conference ad and laughed out loud. I know most of these folks. I know they probably don’t consider themselves to be experts. Still, someone else did and my friends simply Read More

Developing Team Support by Tracy Krauss

Last time we talked about the need for a variety of support systems in order to surround oneself with a strong writing community. This included large organizations like Inscribe and others, perhaps a genre specific group or collective that has a narrower focus, a small local or online writing group where you really get to Read More