Two All-Time Favourites for Back to Writers’ School by Tracy Krauss

Two All-Time Favourite for Back to Writers’ School

I love learning. I’ve read tons of books on writing craft and marketing books, as well as taken several online courses. There are many good options out there, but to save on space (lest I overwhelm with too many good options) I’ve narrowed it down to my two absolute favourites.

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The Write Course for You by Violet Nesdoly

The Write Course for You

Violet’s post got lost in the shuffle. I missed posting it last week but wanted to share it with you today. Enjoy!

The Write Course for You

The streams of kids returning to school in September draw our attention to education. This month we’re falling right in line by discussing writing courses we’ve taken. Several stand out for me.

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Course Overload by Steph Beth Nickel

Course Overload

I have a tough time passing up a deal … especially on writing and writing-related courses.

How about you?

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3 Tips to Filling the Idea Bank by Janice L Dick

3 Tips to Filling the Idea Bank

Where do our ideas come from? Best answer: everywhere.

I’m visiting with friends and someone mentions a strange circumstance that intrigues me. Or talks about a quirky character they met. Or refers to a larger-than-life experience they read about online. These are all fodder for the idea mill.

First lesson: Be observant. Listen. Imagine how this or that can be recreated in our writing.

Sometimes good ideas slip away on me because I’m not convinced they are novel-worthy. Can I build an entire book around a particular idea? Will it really fit into my plan without messing it up? Perfectionist tendencies show up and may need to be squelched in order to give the brain free reign to imagine the possibilities.

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