Combining the P’s by Tracy Krauss

Tracy Krauss was not able to share a new post with us this week. Instead, you will find her first post for this blog below. Enjoy! Plotting vs. Pantsing There is much debate among authors over which works best. There is certainly merit to both methods. Plotting ensures continuity while pantsing keeps it fresh. It’s Read More

Add Shine with Revision by Violet Nesdoly

You’ve just had an amazing idea. Like a good writer, you jotted it in your notebook and later wrote about it. Trouble is, your piece didn’t turn out nearly as brilliant as you thought it would. Before you “Delete” or toss your handwritten draft into the round file, try revision on it.

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Oo, Shiny by Steph Beth Nickel

Like most writers, I want my work to shine. I’m not particularly interested in awards or acclaim, but I do want it to be the best it can be.

And now for the disclaimer …

I want the first draft to burst forth sparkling like a perfectly cut diamond.

I know. I know. Not going to happen!

So what can we writers do to make sure that at least some of what glitters truly is gold?

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How Dark Times Enhance My Writing by Janice L Dick

It was the fall of 1994. My father had just been diagnosed with cancer. Apparently the disease had been at work for a long time. At Thanksgiving, we travelled to my parents’ home in Alberta for a bittersweet weekend.

Meanwhile, my mother-in-law, who had been feeling poorly for years, was told she had a brain tumour. Surgery would take place Thanksgiving Monday, so we rushed home from Alberta to see her before surgery.

We were in the midst of moving my in-laws to a retirement home in the city, and we were moving into their house. Through a number of renos, moving households without the in-laws in attendance, visiting my dad and my husband’s mom—we carried on with force of will and prayer that sometimes seemed to bounce off the ceiling.

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Unblinded by Brenda J Wood

“God it is dark where I am right now, dark. I can’t see any farther than the nose on my face … which to be honest is farther than most people–due to its size.”

That’s a line from my journal during one of my times of loss and despair. It’s followed by:
“How can I write when everything around me is so awful?”

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