8 Resources to Take Your Poetry to the Next Level by Violet Nesdoly

Here, on the doorstep of April, I’m celebrating because it’s almost National Poetry Month! What better time to think and talk about how to improve our writing in general, poetry-writing in particular? And so, I’m excited to share eight resources that have helped me in writing about poetry (as a many-year online and FellowScript poetry columnist) and in writing poems themselves.

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11 Tools to Take Your Writing to the Next Level by Steph Beth Nickel

I’ve been exploring several resources to take my writing to the next level. You may want to check out some of them as well. (Please note: At the present time, I am not an affiliate of any of these people or products.)

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Spring Ahead: Take Your Writing to the Next Level by Janice L Dick

This time of year, when the days lengthen, the weather warms, and the birds sing with more joy, is a great time to blow out the cobwebs on our writing.

Sometimes we get bogged down; at least I do. We struggle on, doing our best to do our best. Spring has a special way of giving us a boost, especially those of us who have survived another long Canadian winter.

I submit that there’s something else that kicks us into gear, catapults us into the next level of writing … and life. It’s called perspective, and it comes from knowing who we are, why we are here, and where we’re going.

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When They Come by Brenda J Wood

Disturbing current events struggle through our brains every day now. What is our response? Several writers have already posted their comments online, comments like “Be careful what you say. People might not buy your books.”

Seriously, is that our goal: selling books? SERIOUSLY? Aren’t we Christian writers with the purpose of glorifying God?

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Wait, Weight, and Getting Swept Away by Pamela Mytroen

Before we get swept away in crafting an exciting plot, we need to wait! Wait until we weigh down our main character.

Susan May Warren pointed out recently in a blog post on Novel Rocket how important it is that we connect with the characters. “Plot is interesting, but not unless it is about someone we care about.”

What makes us care about a character?

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