It’s Just Fear Talking by Tracy Krauss

My colleagues have posted some excellent articles this month dealing with common ‘writerly’ fears and how to overcome them. Nothing worth doing comes easily or so it seems. So it makes sense that this also applies to the writing life. To quote writer Jeff Goins, “Do it afraid.” Good advice. Some of the best learning comes outside our comfort zones.

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5 Fears that Immobilize Writers by Steph Beth Nickel

It takes courage to parachute out of a plane, to ski down a mountain—and to write. “Why?” you ask. Writers must overcome the following fears—and so many more: Does the world really need one more book, blog post or article? No matter how many times we’ve asked and answered this question, there are quiet moments Read More

Worth the Risk by Pamela Mytroen

Do you ever worry that after you have invested days, weeks, and months researching and writing a manuscript that it will not be publishable and that you will have wasted your time? That is my biggest fear about writing. Time. It is so valuable and there are no guarantees that you will see a return for the sweat, sacrifice, and soul that you have poured into page after page. Is it worth the risk of your precious, measured, quickly-slipping-away commodity?

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Free to Write Fearless by Violet Nesdoly

Chances are good if you are a writer or have ever considered writing as a career or avocation, you’ve had some of the following fears:

  1. People will see what a bad speller I am, and terrible at grammar to boot.
  1. What I write will show me up as simple, unsophisticated, boring, etc.
  1. I’ll work long hours on a story or article only to find it’s all for nothing; my work will never sell.
  1. I won’t find an agent.
  1. What I have to say will get lost in all there is to read.
  1. The market is already saturated with writers; there isn’t room for another novelist (essayist, apologist, Bible teacher, devotional writer, etc.).

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