Summer Productivity All Year Long by Tracy Krauss

For many writers I know, summer is a time for slowing down, relaxing their schedules, or even taking a writing hiatus altogether. Not so for me. As a public school teacher, summer vacation is my time to ramp things up.

Inevitably, I set pretty lofty goals for myself. While I don’t always meet every objective, I usually do get a lot accomplished during the summer. However, I read a book recently that made me take a good long look at my preferred mode of operation.

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To Write or Not to Write by Steph Beth Nickel

That is the question.

This month we’ve been discussing writing while on vacation. Do you take a break or use the slower pace to do some writing without day-to-day distractions?

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Writing While on Vacation by Pamela Mytroen

I have noticed that I do more creative writing in the summer than at any other time of the year. By looking at the reasons, maybe I can learn from my motivations and apply them to the winter months to increase my writing.

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Give Your Writing a Vacation by Violet Nesdoly

Are you going on vacation this summer? Are you taking your writing with you?

Even asking such a question says something about the vocation, or avocation, that we love. For what nurse, accountant, librarian, or barista takes work with them on vacation? Yet as writers we do this all the time—or feel guilty if we don’t.

Why do we do this? Is it an actual fleshing out of the old saw: “I can’t not write”? Or is it something else? Fear perhaps that people will forget us, that we’ll lose the momentum we think we’ve gained, that our drive and enthusiasm will evaporate in the sun of more laid-back days, that we’ll forget how to write?

I believe in taking a vacation from writing. Here’s why:

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