Mrs. K’s Rules of Comedy by Tracy Krauss

Break the Tension

Humour goes a long way in writing and in life. There is nothing like it to break tension and make people feel comfortable. However, we’ve probably all been witness to a joke gone bad. Either the punch line wasn’t delivered correctly, the timing was wrong, or it was inappropriate for the setting. In any of these scenarios, instead of putting people at ease, the blundered attempt at humour created an awkward moment. Some people just seem to “have it” and some people don’t.

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Missing the Boat by Brenda J Wood

Call me what you will. I am a Johnny/Brenda Come Lately who missed the boat. I had a deadline on the Inscribe page and I missed it. I forgot to send in my blog entry.

I am not a greenhorn, a novice or an upstart. That disqualifies me as a Johnny. I did, however, lose an opportunity, I guess that makes me a boat miss-er. I am shocked, mortified, and ashamed because I rarely (you can even say never!) ever miss deadlines.

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Take Time to Breathe

Is your To Do list anything like mine? So long you’re always moving things from one day to the next to the next? How about your To Be Read pile? Can you never find enough time to read the stack of books that just keeps growing and growing and growing? And then there’s you’re writing. Read More

So You Want to Write Funny? Don’t We All? by Violet Nesdoly

Admit it, you’d like to write funnier. So would I. After all, who do we love most, next to the computer repairman, but the person who can make us laugh?

My confession to you at the outset of this humour writing theme is, I’m not very funny. I did win a contest for a humorous poem once, but I suspect it was a fluke. Be that as it may, I love to read certain writers because they tickle my funny bone. (And I’m still over-the-moon when, the odd time at readings, something I’ve written gets a titter from the audience.)

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