12 Ways to Make the Write Resolutions by Steph Beth Nickel

The New Year is rapidly approaching and many of us will soon be setting our goals (aka resolutions) for 2016. Where is writing on your list? If you are reading this post, it’s likely close to the top.

Here are a dozen writing and writing-related goals you may want to include and tips on how to do so:

1. Be on the lookout for inspiration.

Some people record ideas, snippets of conversation, random words and phrases, etc. in a notebook or on their electronic device. Make it a habit to do so. Don’t simply trust your memory; it’s amazing how quickly “that perfect idea” can vanish.

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The Tuesday Experiment by Janice L. Dick


I love a fresh start. It’s an opportunity to improve, to avoid pitfalls from the past, to review and make new plans.

This past year I’ve poured a lot of my time and energy into writing weekly blogs on my website in an attempt to connect and gradually grow a following. Writing blogs was never something I thought I’d pursue. I’m a fiction writer. But surprise, surprise! I love it.

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The Memoir of Autobiography by Brenda J. Wood

December 10 is the deadline for this page, the same day my son was born so many years ago. He came a bit earlier than expected, as I remember it. His version of the story is quite different.

Pretty much every memoir we write is like that. You, the author, see it and write it from your perspective. Our participants, that is our readers, see it another. God help you if your reader happens to also be one of your relatives. Who is to be believed? The real truth lies somewhere in between. That’s why we call it memoir and not autobiography.

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Looking Back to Look Forward by Tracy Krauss

As 2015 comes to an end, it is natural to reflect on the year that has gone past. I’m one of those people who likes to set goals. I like making lists and checking things off as I accomplish them. This year was no different. Word count, publishing goals, marketing strategies, professional development … all of these categories made it onto my roster for 2015. This activity helps me stay motivated and also serves to encourage me when I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything.

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