What Is Poetry? by Violet Nesdoly

Welcome to our newest contributor, Violet Nesdoly.

I’m delighted to be re-entering the world of group blogging. Though I enjoyed my hiatus, I’m happy to get back into this saddle. In my posts here, I plan to talk about a genre dear to my heart—poetry.

It’s a huge topic with a history as old as humanity itself. As well, it’s constantly changing. If there’s any type of writing that allows one to break established rules, make one’s own rules, and express individuality, it’s poetry. So, perhaps a good place to start is to ask, “What is poetry?”

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Seeing Our Mistakes from a New Perspective by Steph Beth Nickel

Like most people, if not everyone, I can think of a number of times I’ve wished I could press rewind and have a do-over, especially if my actions or words cost me something: money, reputation, peace of mind.

But that’s not the way life works.

That’s not the way God works.

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The Power of the Spirit in Our Writing by Janice Dick

Do you ever wonder if the hours, days, weeks, and years you spend at your computer arranging words is making any difference whatsoever in the grand scheme of life? I do.

Since 1989, I’ve spent much of my time writing fiction. A lot of people don’t understand what I do, or why, but I keep writing because I think that’s what God has called me to do. In all those years, I’ve written lots of short pieces but only six books (four currently published). But does it make my world better? Does it leave a legacy for anyone besides my immediate family?

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Who are You? by Brenda J. Wood

You are a writer. Just what does that look like? You introduce yourself through your books. You are not super organized unless it comes to plotting. You are a pantser and make up your story as you go. You thrive on deadlines. Deadlines are your enemy. Your favourite topic is your latest novel. You are Read More

Combining the “Ps” by Tracy Krauss

The InScribe Blog on Writing would like to welcome our newest bloggers: Tracy Krauss and Violet Nesdoly. Enjoy the following post by Tracy on plotting vs. pantsing.

Plotting vs. Pantsing

There is much debate among authors over which works best. There is certainly merit to both methods. Plotting ensures continuity while pantsing keeps it fresh. It’s really a matter of personal preference. As long as the final outcome is solid, the methodology really doesn’t matter.

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