Christmas Greetings

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From Desperation to a Treasured Tradition by Jack Popjes

“I’m the cookie baker,” my wife, Jo, said, looking up from her flour covered kitchen counter, “and you’re the problem solver, so solve this one and do something to make this place look festive and Christmassy. And, hon,” she added with a rueful smile, “no cookie tree this time.”

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Three Basics of Productive Writing by Pamela Mytroen

Pandemonium in an English Language Arts classroom reminded me just how important three vital elements are when it comes to productive writing. Once these missing elements were in place, the students began cranking out assignment after assignment. These disciplines should help all writers become productive.

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A Writing Plan-of-Action by Steph Beth Nickel

Do you write what you love? What you’ve volunteered to write? What may sell—someday? Or what you’ve been hired to write? How much time do you devote to each?

Do you write for the masses? For a small circle of readers? For the one individual you envision yourself “speaking to” when working on a project?

Do you write for your reader? Your employer? Your client? Yourself?

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