Fiction 101 (12) – Point of View by Janice L. Dick

Point of view can be a tricky subject. Basically, it refers to how we decide to relate our story, the perspective from which we see it. Which character(s) will communicate the story most effectively? Do we want to tell the story from one person’s perspective?

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What are You Reading? by Brenda J. Wood

As you will read, Brenda sat down to write something much different but felt God had a word of encouragement for each of us.

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Showing or Telling by Carolyn Wilker

A student wrote a story about a memory from her childhood when she went on a walk by herself. Fascinated by the water that flowed in the ditch alongside the road near her home, she got into mud and was stuck. She didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, her parents were not too far away and heard her call. This was a story that could include much showing. What was she thinking as she walked along in her rubber boots? Did she realize she was heading into danger? Actually the student did a pretty good job of relaying the story so we could see it.

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The Greatest Day of My Life by Jack Popjes



It happened at sundown.

My wife and I, with our three preschool daughters, had just arrived and were staying with some missionary friends in their home on the edge of a small Brazilian town. At dusk I went outside to cool off. I looked over the fields below the house where a wide path led from the jungle on my right to the town at my left. Our host joined me.

Suddenly he grabbed my shoulder and shouted, “Jack, look! There, coming out of the jungle!”

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