Daily Obeying Our Caller – Jack Popjes

The name of Eugene Peterson’s classic book on discipleship A Long Obedience in the Same Direction describes exactly how we become the writers God called us to be.

C. S. Lewis, writing about character development, mentioned the importance of not just being on the right road but facing the right direction and moving, be it ever so slowly, in that direction.

What can we do to keep obeying the One who called us to be writers?

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Curtains: Writing Effective Endings – Pamela Mytroen

Three that I come across regularly are the “Sudden-Death Curtain,” the “Preview Curtain,” and the “Curtain Call. In the Sudden-Death Curtain ending, a story or article ends without warning. Read More

Holed Up or Hold Up?

A while back, I got to thinking about why I have such a tough time just sitting down to write. I have lots of ideas for books floating around my head. And because I work from home, I have the privilege of creating my own schedule. So, what’s the hold up?

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Fiction 101: Part 10 – Don’t Let Your Middle Sag – Janice L. Dick

At my age, a title like this makes me take notice. I sit up straighter, pull my shoulders back and suck in my middle.

swayback horse

Adapted from http://goo.gl/nNe6vj

That’s what we want to do with the middles of our stories: Be aware of their presentation and do what’s required to improve them.

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