Fiction Writing 101:Part 7 — The Plot Thickens — Janice Dick

What is plot—besides a piece of ground used to bury dead people? (That’s from James Scott Bell in Plot & Structure.) In my mind, plot is the story itself, with a beginning, middle and end. Of course there are literary works that don’t follow any of the rules, not even as guidelines, but I’m thinking of genre writing. Plot is the skeleton of the story, the bones on which the rest is built and fleshed out.

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The Elusive Comma — Carolyn R. Wilker

Book-stackImagine trying to read a long text without commas or other punctuation. Would it be hard to figure out where one sentence begins and another ends? What about the words in the middle of those sentences?

Old English was written that way. With time, punctuation was developed, and some scribes used it more consistently than others. The writer of that article says punctuation “guides the reader through the syntax of the sentence.”

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A Writer Prays About His Work — Jack Popjes

Good morning, God,

Praying-WriterYou gave me this writing *gift. You built it into my DNA and you want me to stir it up, and you are helping me to develop it. You bring people into my life to encourage me and to mentor me.

What’s more, you are the one who puts the ideas into my head, you remind me of the stories that remind me of concepts that I can develop into a piece of writing.

So it is not right for me to talk about my writing. It should be our writing. Or at the very least my/our writing. Help me today to keep your co-authorship in mind.



*2 Timothy 1:6

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Fearless Marketing — Nikki Rosen

Mention the name Samuel Langhorne Clemens and people will scratch their heads and ask, “Who is that?” But say the name Mark Twain and they’ll break out in a smile and nod.

He smoked at the age of nine, detested school and led a group of boys in wild pranks. Hmmm. Sounds a lot like Tom Sawyer.

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