Fiction Writing 101 – Part Six – Setting (or giving your character a leg to stand on) — Janice Dick

A smile formed on Callie’s face at the sight of Tom. It had been so long. 

“Welcome by to the land of the living,” she said.

“It’s good to be back. What have you been doing in my absence? I hope you managed to keep out of trouble.”

“Of course, what do you think?”

She willed him to take her hand, to look deeply into her eyes. There had to be something between them after all they’d been through together. 

Touching scene, except that it’s hard to follow in our mind’s eye because it’s not grounded. Callie and Tom are two characters floating in no particular time or space. We have trouble visualizing the interaction without supporting place.

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Unimagined Blessings — Nikki Rosen

“Okay, young man. That’ll be twenty five cents.”
Lesra: Twenty-five cent? Must not be much of a book.”  [Movie: Hurricane Carter]

Twenty-five cents for a book about a man’s life. Not much. But the boy, Lesra, bought it, went home and started to read. He couldn’t put the book down and when he finished, he wanted to meet the author. He wrote him a letter…a letter that would begin an amazing journey, not only for him but also for the author of that book.

Twenty-five cents for a book. Who knew the miracles that would grow from the man who penned his story and the boy who bought it at a church sale!

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I Want To Write A Book — Carolyn R. Wilker

A cartoon depicted a character saying: “I’m going to write a book and someday I will be famous.”

Is fame the ultimate goal? Have you been reading the tabloids lately?

A client of mine, still learning English, decided to write a story about her life in the country she came from. Fair enough. When I encouraged her to work on shorter pieces first, she said, “I have to write a book.” An opportunity came up to write a story for an anthology, and I asked her, “Could you write a story about this topic?” She wrote, and I helped to smooth out the words. Her story was accepted. It was a beginning.

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