Develop the Killing Instinct: Reducing the Word Count — Pamela Mytroen

How does a writer keep to the posted word count without losing all those inspired phrases? And why does it matter?

Editors have reasons for setting a maximum word count. Besides the premium of space in a publication, a stipulated word count attracts and creates writers with clear and effective writing. Slashing words from a manuscript is an exercise all writers should practice because it helps them discover their main idea. Finding that treasure gives them a tool designed to slice and dice until their manuscript is clear and easy to read.

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Who Owns Your Little Gray Cells? — Brenda J. Wood

Agatha Christie wrote 80 crime novels, many collections of stories, 19 plays and six novels under a pseudonym. Her books are only outsold by the Bible and Shakespeare. By any standards, she is a successful writer so maybe we can learn a thing or two from her. 

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Dialogue — Janice Dick

“He said,” and then “she said,” and then “they said…” The preceding is a good way to lose our readers. How can we, as writers, make our dialogue exciting, compelling and unique to the characters?

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