Adding Texture to your Writing — Sandi Somers

It has been said you write your first draft for yourself, and the second for your readers. This was vividly brought home to me as I was writing about Calgary’s recent flood for an online course. My first essay focused on my experiences during the critical first day as I visited sites, watched raging floodwaters, talked to people at an evacuation centre and navigated erratic traffic. My first draft did not include much background of the city and my locations, as I knew where I was. Read More

Puzzling Punctuation — Carolyn Wilker

Punctuation trips up many writers, from beginner to the more experienced, so for this post, I’ll address six of the commonly used punctuation marks:  hyphen, en dash, em dash, colon, semicolon, and ellipsis. Knowing correct usage is important for anyone who writes. Read More