Publicity, Platform and Social Media — Ruth L. Snyder

Recently I read two opposing opinions on publicity, platform, and social media: one by Sandra Beckwith and the other by Ewan Morrison. Sandra says, “We’ll talk about how to create and use the single most effective publicity tool for both fiction and nonfiction.” Ewan Morrison counters with, “Do you want to spend 80% of your time creating unpaid market propaganda for the social media industry? Or would you rather step away from the hype altogether and spend as much time as you can being a 100% writer?”

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Me? A Writer? — Janice Dick

How do I become a writer? What are the qualifications?

The short answer is: you become a writer by writing. Doesn’t matter what you write or whether or not you’re published. If you write, you are a writer. That’s the one non-negotiable qualification.

The long answer goes beyond this simple explanation.

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