Marketing, Publicity and Agents — Brenda J. Wood

Didn’t we all suspect this? Best Seller Lists are a scam. Artificially bumped-up sales have nothing to do with actual books. Apparently some authors pay huge money to make the lists.
Where does that leave us who have no money but wouldn’t try this trick even if we had any?
It leaves us in the best place ever, full of integrity and trusting God. Read More

Active or Passive Voice? — Carolyn Wilker

As an editor I pay attention to the use of verbs in my clients’ or students’ writing and suggest when the active form would be more effective, and affirm when the passive is appropriate.

Active and passive voices are different than verb tense which tells the reader if the action happens in the present, past or future. Read More

7 Steps to Publishing an e-Book on Kindle — Ruth L. Snyder

Val Waldeck presented a course called How to Prepare and Publish Your Books for Amazon’s Kindle as part of the recent e-Book Publishing Boot Camp I attended. She started her presentation by informing us that Amazon is selling “twice as many Kindle books now, as they’re selling hard covers… Read More

4 Ways to create e-books — Ruth L. Snyder

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in the eBook Publishing Boot Camp organized by D’Vorah Lansky. Many presentations were made over the course of two weeks. In this post I will be sharing what I learned from Jim Edwards in his session, Four Ways to Write Your Non-Fiction Book or eBook to Publish & Sell on Amazon Kindle in 7 Days or Less. Read More