The Elusive Comma — Carolyn Wilker

In writing classes, particularly when it comes to grammar, we often get in a discussion over commas. While one throws up her hands and says, “Let the editor fix it,” another asks, “Tell me again where they go.”

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Writing Goals and Distractions — Janice Dick

I’ve come to my office to write. That’s the plan, but my actual behavior is often quite different from my intent:

  • 9:30 AM  Go upstairs to office
  • 9:35 AM  Tidy desk, clean up desktop, align folders.
  • 9:45 AM  Check emails (there might be a message from my agent or an editor, or even that contest I entered…oh, there’s the church bulletin, and that writers’ loop has some great topics. Better skim through before I delete. A sale at

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