Showing or Telling? — Carolyn Wilker

A student wrote a story about a day she walked her dog to the park and about their discovery of a body. She had hurried to a nearby house to ask someone to call police, and when the police arrived, they wanted her to give a statement. She wrote that she felt shaken from the experience.

Those are the bare bones of a potentially bigger story and the emotion inherent in such a scene—not that we want to go for a walk any day and find a body.

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Measuring Success as a Writer — Brenda Wood

book stackJames Patterson just published his millionth book and Thomas Kinkade is selling paintings by the tons and then there is …us. What is the matter with us? Why isn’t our work broadcast around the globe? What are we doing wrong?

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Moving on after rejections — Carolyn Wilker

Dear Writer,

rejection clip artI have it on good authority that you are not alone in getting rejections. It’s part of the writing business. It’s painful, I’ll allow, for I have received them too. But truly, what do you do with your rejection notices?

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