Write using your 5 senses — Ruth L. Snyder

A phrase we hear often as writers is “Show, don’t tell.” One way we can do this more effectively is to include descriptions using all five senses. “Sensory words paint vivid pictures that relate to the five senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. In fiction, non-fiction and poetry, they serve as a type of shorthand to evoke memories or feelings Read More

On Writer’s Block: Help for writers who need it — Carolyn Wilker

Have you ever had a day that you couldn’t write? When the blank computer screen seems to taunt you? You’re not alone. Books and articles have been written on the topic, telling writers how to break free of it and what to do when it hits. Read More

Write what you know — Nikki Rosen

I’ve heard it said many times….’write what you know.’ Writing what we know can be a good springboard for developing stories that have impact.

It’s what Harper Lee did. She penned one book – one book only – but that one book, To Kill a Mockingbird, has been read and reread and even made into a movie. Harper Lee grew up in Alabama seeing the racial tensions. Her dad was a lawyer, her mom mentally ill and she, like the little girl in her story, was a tomboy. Read More

News Release Basics for Writers — Ruth L. Snyder

sample news releaseAny writer who is working on marketing a book or other product should know some basics about news releases. For a quick overview, check out Read More