How to Run a Leaving a Legacy of God-Stories Workshop — Jack Popjes

Start by introducing yourself as presenter, pass out paper and pencils, and quickly go over the Goal and Outline of the Workshop. The Workshop will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number of participants, and the level of their participation.

The Goal is to learn what God-stories are, and how to gather the facts

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10 Twitter Resources for Writers — Ruth L. Snyder

Now that you know the basics of Twitter you’re ready to dive in deeper. There are many topics we could discuss about Twitter. However, each writer has different reasons for using Twitter which will affect what he or she wants to learn. Here are some resources I’ve found helpful.

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Stay in the Cave: Extended Metaphors — Pam Mytroen

We drove past many huge billboards for caves in the Black Hills, South Dakota, but until we explored one, I would have never known how cool and tingly my skin felt at 48 degrees in the cave when it was a scorching 96 degrees outside.

That’s what writing an extended metaphor is like.

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The Value of a Dictionary — Carolyn Wilker

graphic for dictionary post-resized-600.jpgWhen did you last open a dictionary? Was it to make sure you`ve spelled a word correctly? To check the meaning of a word you didn’t know? Or to make sure it was the right word for the context. If you didn’t have a dictionary on your desk, did you search an online dictionary

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