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Keep a small can of WD-40 on your desk—away from any open flames—to remind yourself that if you don’t write daily, you will get rusty.

~ George Singleton

Welcome to our Writing Groups Directory. InScribe members are active in writing groups across the country, with new groups continuing to form. If there is not presently a group in your area, contact your writing group coordinator: Tracy Krauss 

What is a writing group? Each group develops its own personality, and meets the needs of its members according to the goals of the group.

What goes on during a writing group? In a co-writing group, during a three hour session, ten to twelve members can take part in two 20 minute periods of writing, followed by a time of sharing what they’ve written. Critique groups may use a different format, described below.

How big should a writing group be? Groups can be as small as two, and grow from there.

What goes on during a writing group meeting? A group may combine several of these formats. While these are typical, yours might find a whole new direction.

  • FREEFALL:  Also described as “Co-writing” this consists of sharing prompts, then writing together as the prompts give inspiration. This is a great way to generate first drafts on unexpected topics.
  • AFFIRMATION: Members share their material and receive positive feedback as to what resonated with the listeners.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Members encourage each other in their writing, pray with each other during dry spells, and hold each other accountable to their personal goals. This type of group works well on-line.
  • CRITIQUE: Members share their work in progress for input and suggestions. Critique groups often share their material by e-mail prior to meetings, then come prepared to discuss what they’ve read.
  • ONLINE: One of the easiest groups to form, this works best with a limited number, if the group is sharing material. An online group often takes the form of accountability, but can include any of the formats.

JOIN A GROUP: Are you interested in being part of a writing group? Click on the name of your province below to find one in your region. To learn more, e-mail the contact person listed for that group.

START A GROUP: InScribe Regional Representatives are waiting to help members start their own groups, or re-launch inactive groups across the country. Contact Tracy Krauss  for further information.

Members currently running a group are encouraged to contact Tracy for an online copy of the Writing Group Packet – full of information and ideas to rejuvenate your group.

If your information changes or the links don’t work, contact Tracy.

(Updated: February 2014)

Writing Group Directory

Updated August 14, 2014