Wander Back to the Wonder by Violet Nesdoly

Wander Back to the Wonder   My pencil is weary, my neck muscles cramped, my brain’s in a fog, for ideas I’m stumped. I believe that it’s time for a good writing break. But how shall I spend it? What route should I take? I could tackle the ironing, vacuum the floor, scrub all the Read More

Does Absence Make the Pen Grow Stronger? by Pamela Mytroen

Ever thought about a long distance writing relationship? Like the old adage, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” I wonder if some major distance from writing would make the pen grow stronger?

According to a study in the Journal of Communication, (August 8, 2013, Molly Vorweck, USA Today, usatoday.com) long distance relationships were found to have more intimacy and depth than couples that saw each other on a daily basis.

One of the psychologists who authored the study, Crystal Jiang of the City University of Hong Kong, suggested that because long distance relationships have limited face-to-face interactions, they maximize the time they do have together by cutting some of the chitchat and diving straight to the heart of the matter. “In an effort to keep the romance alive, couples will . . . discuss deeper issues such as love, trust, and future plans . . . they also adapt their messages, for example, by focusing on more limited but relationally intense topics.” Though they have no physical contact, they do grow close psychologically.

If you are struggling with a project, consider a long distance relationship, where you would limit the amount of time you spend with it. Or, if you are getting along well with your current pieces but want to add another, you could try starting a time-and-space-limited piece. Read More