Hiring Professionals by Janice L Dick

Being a writer these days requires much of us. We are to be:

– writer

– researcher

– editor

– formatter

– cover designer

– marketer

– promotional expert

– and so on

There are some who manage to carry it off, but for most of us, doing it all is more than we can accomplish. Read More

No Limits or Know Limits? by Tracy Krauss

No Limits or Know Limits? We can’t all be good at everything – no matter how much we wish it were true. Knowing one’s own strengths and weaknesses is the first step toward success no matter what the situation, but never more so than for those hoping to ‘make it’ as an independent author. Putting Read More

Develop the Killing Instinct Part II: Fine-Tuning with a Jack-Knife — Pamela Mytroen

In Part I of “Develop the Killing Instinct” I suggested writers use a sword to slash a large volume of words and distill the piece into one key sentence. This method slims a piece down to its purpose, allowing no extra fat, which editors appreciate. Only then may the writer pull out the jack-knife to trim the final ten percent of the words. Following are some tiny cuts that add up to several words:  Read More

Develop the Killing Instinct: Reducing the Word Count — Pamela Mytroen

How does a writer keep to the posted word count without losing all those inspired phrases? And why does it matter?

Editors have reasons for setting a maximum word count. Besides the premium of space in a publication, a stipulated word count attracts and creates writers with clear and effective writing. Slashing words from a manuscript is an exercise all writers should practice because it helps them discover their main idea. Finding that treasure gives them a tool designed to slice and dice until their manuscript is clear and easy to read. Read More

The Elusive Comma — Carolyn Wilker

In writing classes, particularly when it comes to grammar, we often get in a discussion over commas. While one throws up her hands and says, “Let the editor fix it,” another asks, “Tell me again where they go.” Read More

Writers Read??? — Brenda Wood

Read! Not me!!  “I am a writer,” I declared. So I slavishly struggled my words onto paper for years, feeling guilty every time I stopped for a relaxing reading break. Then someone told me writers need to read, read and read some more! Read More

3 Editing Tips to Eliminate Extra Words — Carolyn Wilker

You’ve looked through the guidelines and editor’s notes a second time after researching, outlining and writing the article, and you realize there’s one thing you missed, or forgotten. There are at least a hundred more words than the editor wants. Read More