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Inscribed: 30 Years of Inspiring Writing

Inscribed: 30 Years of Inspiring Writing


To celebrate our 30th anniversary we produced this anthology. This book highlights the writings of over 40 contributing Canadian authors—all current and former Inscribe members. Incl. shipping.



To celebrate its 30th anniversary in September 2010, InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship partnered with Forever Books (Winnipeg, MB) to produce an anthology entitled InScribed: 30 Years of Inspiring Writers.  InScribe members, current and former, were invited to submit their works. The book highlights the writings of over 40 contributing Canadian authors.

Note:  Our supply of anthologies is dwindling and we will not be reprinting the book. So if you wish buy a copy, now is the time to purchase. (June 2013)

Excerpts from Back Cover:

PHIL CALLAWAY –bestselling author and speaker

“For fifteen years I’ve been honoured to be associated with and to recommend this wonderful fellowship of writers by the name of InScribe.  This anthology is proof that their talent pool is wide and deep.  In it you will find stories that inspire, comfort, and entertain.  You will read of faith and and family, joy and and hope, laughter and sorrow…..this book will stick to your ribs.”

LINDA HALL –author of 17 novels of mystery and suspense

“InScribe has a special place in my heart. I knew it back when it was the Alberta Christian Writers’ Fellowship. I was living in Alberta at the time and this was where I got my start as a writer. I found writing help, fellowship, and friendships that have lasted. It is with great pride, therefore, that I encourage you to read these stories by my friends.  I know you will enjoy them.”

SIGMUND BROUWER –author of over 25 novels, with almost 3 million copies in print

“Dive in! But be prepared for more than cool cleansing waters. You’ll go below the surface expecting delights, as if the calm lake is concealing the beauty of a tropical reef.  Then, when you least expect it, the scenery shifts again, and again, each time to reveal yet another profound perspective on life.”

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