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My Necessary Focus by Janice L Dick

My Necessary Focus by Janice L Dick

There will never be a lack of things to write about. Life is full of ideas, issues, concerns and truths to keep me going forever.

What do I focus on in my writing? What should I focus on?

I don’t know how it works for you, but I often find myself working through personal issues as I pen my novels. My characters will run up against my greatest fears, or my dreams, or my idiosyncrasies. They will struggle with their challenges as I try to work through them on the keyboard. It’s quite a fascinating development, and one that continually surprises me.

However, no matter what problems I am working with, through my characters, I have the responsibility to convey the truth clearly. Because I write from a Christian worldview, my beliefs come through. (This may not be a given for every Christian who writes, but it is for me.) What are the most important tenets of faith? The ones that make or break the message or theme of my story?

Over the years, I have become acquainted with the Apostles’ Creed. It is a succinct and clear statement, in my opinion, of the basic truths of the Gospel. That’s what I believe. There are many details where I might differ from other Christians, but I don’t see them as significant enough to argue about. Discussion is interesting and invigorating, but argument is destructive. No one wins. Not a good focus.

So in my writing, I choose to focus on developing my characters to the best of my ability. I choose to concentrate on maintaining a strong plot with lots of action. I set the story where I think it needs to happen.

Most importantly, I attempt to shine a light on the hope that comes from believing in Jesus Christ. It may reveal itself in many ways, but it will always be there: the message of HOPE.

Janice DickJanice L. Dick writes historical and contemporary fiction, inspirational articles and book reviews. She also edits and presents writing workshops.

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  1. Although fiction is not my area of expertise in writing, I agree with you about presenting your world view and I find it fascinating how you are able to work out your own issues through your fictional characters. I do this in my non-fiction writing too. In today’s world, in fact at any time in our history, we can use a message of hope. The Apostles’ Creed can work as a guide for living and for our writing, no matter what the genre.

    Thanks for your post that sheds like on how you include your Chrstian worldview through your writing.

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