Membership in Four Simple Steps

  • Choose and fill out the New Member ONLINE FORM  or the Member Renewal ONLINE FORM (Hover and click on the words of the form you need.)
  • Read and affirm the Apostles’ Creed
  • Choose your membership level (individual, family, student, etc)
  • Pay for your membership

Don’t forget to fill out one of the online forms above! Read the above four steps again if you are unsure!

Important Membership Info

  • InScribe bylaws require that members read and affirm the tenets of the Apostles’ Creed in order to join.
  • InScribe is a Canadian organization, made up of members from across the country, including Canadians living abroad.
  • Memberships run for one year from the time of application or renewal.
  • Two Year Memberships include a discounted rate.
  • Only members in good standing qualify to take part in InScribe Contests.
  • All members receive a PDF copy of the quarterly FellowScript Magazine as part of their membership.

Any question? Send an email to the members’ coordinator.