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Media Page – 7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers

7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers

7-Essential-Habits-Cover(Click here to access a high quality jpg version of the cover. Our official Press Release is available HERE.)

Could your personal and writing habits be holding you back from becoming a successful writer?

Perhaps you’ve discovered, as have many others, that being gifted or knowing you are called by God to write is not enough to be successful at it. There comes a time when every writer must develop the gentle art of discipline – establishing certain practices, or habits, that make it easier to carry out the right and good thing.

This anthology deals not so much with the technical or how-to aspects of writing but rather, with seven key areas that are seen as essential for Christian writers to succeed. They are:
* Time with God
* Healthy Living
* Time Management
* Honing Writing Skills
* Crafting a Masterpiece
* Submitting
* Marketing

The contributing writers are InScribe members. Coming from all walks of life, they write in various genres for a range of audiences. Collectively, they bring to this anthology an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. Through fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, such as devotionals, essays, and articles, they generously share their own discoveries, success stories, and their hard-won lessons to encourage and support you on your own writing journey.


“I love seven things about this book: It is practical. It is affordable. It is encouraging. It is worth highlighting, underlining and dog-earing. Plus it made me forget about my toothache. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran writer, you’ll discover 7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers to be jammed with instantly actionable advice that will make you a better writer. Dig in.”
Phil Callaway ( is the best-selling author of more than 25 books, a popular speaker, the host of Laugh Again Radio, and a grandpa.

7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers is an absolute gem! I love that it covers all the basics a writer needs to know, making them simple and practical. I also love that the book has many authors, giving us ideas and suggestions from their own writing journey. I highly recommend this book to anyone seriously considering writing as a vocation or even an avocation, particularly those writers who see their work as a ministry—which it certainly is!”
Kathi Macias ( is an award-winning author of more than 50 books. A wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, Kathi lives in Southern California with her husband, Al.

7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers is loaded with actionable advice that will make you a better writer. Whether you are a multi-published author or a beginning writer, this book will benefit you.”
Shelley Hitz, author coach and best-selling author 

“This book is a beautiful blend of faithfulness and craft. It will help you answer the practical questions of what it means to be a writer while honoring what you believe. I wish I’d read this when I got started.”
Jeff Goins, Best-selling author, The Art of Work

“There are hundreds of how-to-write books on the market, but none that I know of touches BOTH of the vital aspects of writing as a Christian better than this anthology from InScribe. The practical AND the spiritual are woven into a whole by a remarkably creative group of writers who are in the trenches as we speak. I intend to snack on this fare again and again.”
Nancy Rue, best-selling Christian author and creator of Shadow to Shelf, a mentoring program for writers.

Table of Contents

(Click here to access the Table of Contents in a PDF file)

7 Foreword

8 Introduction / History

Habit 1: TIME WITH GOD 13

14   Front Pew Sunday by Marcia Lee Laycock

16  Called To Create by Nina Faye Morey

19  A Writer’s Prayer by Sharon Cavers

20   Life Lessons From A Christmas Tree by Sharon Cavers

23   Be A Giver by Tracy Krauss

27   God Speaks: In Step With The Word by Sally Meadows

35 On Eagles’ Wings by Sharon Cavers

37  Let Your Fingers Do The Talking by Jack Popjes

41   When A Writer Has Doubts by Elaine Ingalls Hogg

43   And The Word Was by Marcia Lee Laycock


46 I Will Give You Rest by Nina Faye Morey

49 A Way Out by Kimberley Payne

51 Let’s Get Physical by Kimberley Payne

55 I Hate Exercising, But . . . by Lori M. Feldberg

63 Writer’s Block by Kimberley Payne


66 Fit Writing Into A Busy Schedule by Ruth Snyder

68 Fly by Brenda J. Wood

69 To Schedule Or Not To Schedule? by Loretta Bouillon

71 Time Out by Brenda J. Wood

72 Prevent Your Words From Being Buried Alive by Pamela Mytroen


78   Navigating Voice by Pamela Mytroen

83   Writing from The Trash Heap by Melanie Fischer

85     Why I Love Shakespeare by Alvin Ens

86     The Creative Cycle by Pamela Mytroen

89     Aquaphobia by Violet Nesdoly

90     It’s Done—Or Is It? by Steph Beth Nickel

93     Learning Lasts A Lifetime by Janet Seever

99     Old Dictionary by Violet Nesdoly

100 When Opportunity Knocks by Terrie Todd 


104 Revision Provision: Tempering Opinion With The Spirit by Bobbi Junior

106 Crafting A Meditation by L. Marie Enns

108 Through The Thunderclouds by Sandra Somers

110 I Write by Ruth Sakstad

111 Writer. Ready. Pen. by Janet Sketchley

116 As Iron Sharpens Iron by Connie Inglis


118 Embrace Rejection by Tracy Krauss

122 Welcome To The Chopping Block by Violet Nesdoly

123 Time Is Water In My hands by Sheri Hathaway

131 The Pursuit Of Passion by Glynis M. Belec

141 Writing Through The Seasons Of Life by Addy Oberlin

147 In His Time by Terrie Todd

150 To Be Judged Or Not To Be Judged by Brenda J. Wood

Habit 7: MARKETING 153

154 A Timeline For A Successful Book Launch by Elaine Ingalls Hogg

159 The Writer’s Newsletter: Do You Need One? by Janet Sketchley

165 To Market, To Market by Steph Beth Nickel

167 Contributors

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