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Janette Oke Award

The Janette Oke Award

  • will be awarded every second year or as donated funds permit
  • is open to any current member (or former members who renew their membership at the time of submitting their award applications.)
  • award is cash; value can be different each time it is offered, depending on donations received specifically for the award, but it will be at least $250 dollars.

Janette Oke is a lifetime member of Inscribe and some members of Inscribe have long wished to honor her faith, writing career and Christian commitment that have impacted millions around the world. This award was first presented at the 2016 Fall Conference.

The award will be given to someone who demonstrates a strong Christian commitment, a desire to impact society with family and Christlike values in their work, belongs to Inscribe, and is innovative or brave in their chosen genre. The committee is not looking for a similar theme or genre but a sense of commitment, conviction and a strong desire to persevere in their field.

Thoughts from the committee for the award, when thinking about the criteria:

“How about the detail she puts into her settings…I was thinking of the simplicity in which she writes about real life.  As Davis Bunn said, “right down to the smell of toast burning.Tandy Balson.

“The moral fibre of her characters, the way Christ shines through in her storytelling. What I remember most about the Love Comes Softly book is the grace and kindness always extended to Marty by Clark. Even when she screwed things up, he’d find something positive to say, even if it was simply ‘that’s right good coffee’.” Janelle Baldwin


  • Fill out the application form
  • Submit a 500 – 600 word essay on the impact Janette Oke has either had on your writing or the impact of her writing in general.
  • Provide two references from people who know your writing (preferably one from an Inscribe member).
  • Provide a short bio and a picture

Please submit the application form, essay, two references, your bio, and a headshot by email with the subject line: JANETTE OKE AWARD

DEADLINE: to be announced

Please request a read receipt so that you know it has been received.