Word Challenge

Members only – No Fee / Fun Prizes

Unique to Inscribe, this contest invites participants to challenge themselves in both writing to guidelines and critiquing one another. New Word Challenges are posted on the Listserv (a private e-mail group for members) several times a year. (No fee)

Word Challenges are announced several times a year. These entertaining contests are designed and posted by the moderator on the InScribe Members Listserve. All members can enter. All members can critique.

This is your opportunity to practice writing to theme, follow guidelines, and receive peer reviews from fellow writers. You also have the chance to practice your own critiquing skills as you consider comments to share about other entries.

  1. Moderator presents a topic/idea/game/writing exercise
  2. Usually there is a specific word or line count.
  3. Interested Inscribers write according to the topic and other guidelines.
  4. The Moderator gives a deadline – usually one week.
  5. All submissions have to be forwarded to writer@glynisbelec.com before the cut off deadline.
  6. Moderator will strip all submissions of identifying information.
  7. Submissions are then forwarded to the listserv with numbers and titles only.
  8. All Inscribe members are encouraged to vote. Members pick first-place, second-place, and third-place winners; members will also be asked [not compulsory] to offer some feedback on any or all submissions. They can be short or detailed.
  9. The votes will be tallied and the submission with the most votes will be first place.
  10. Moderator will gather all this information and announce a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner [ties are acceptable] in one email. Any feedback will be included with each submission.
  11. Token, writer-related prizes will be awarded to winners.
  12. Acceptance of a prize grants InScribe First North American Serial Rights to publish the winning entries in FellowScript Magazine at the discretion of the editorial staff. No payment will be received for publication of these entries.

Why would I want to join in on the Word Challenges?

  • Because you are a dedicated Inscriber and you want to humour the organizer
  • You want to get a little feedback on something you have written
  • You want to encourage others in their craft
  • You want to get some experience pressing the send button (some first timers really do have a fear)
  • You want to learn something about the craft of writing
  • You have a message you want to impart
  • You want to practise submitting to a contest
  • You want to win a prize

For information on the monthly ICWF Word Challenges contact Glynis Belec at writer@glynisbelec.com