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Contest Winners

Fall Contest 2017

First Place: Carol Harrison “Preserving Family Memories”
Second Place: Bobbi Junior “I Am Not an Evangelist”
Third Place: Patricia Elford “Reflections On a Ribbing”
Honourable Mention: Alvin Ens “Do Not Curse the Deaf”

First Place: Bobbi Junior “Lament for the Children”
Second Place: Sheri Hathaway “The Old Truck”
Third Place: Sheri Hathaway “Making Marmalade in Winter”
Honourable Mention: L. Marie Enns “Travel Alarm”

First Place: Sally Meadows “The Underdog Duck”
Second Place: Linda Neff “Rayna Meets Jesus”
Third Place: Pat Reddekopp “The Genie’s Job”
Honourable Mention: Dee Lynn “You Can Cry”

First Place: Sharon Cavers “Trusting You”
Second Place: Sally Meadows “Letting Go”
Third Place: Wayne Bos “Falls Into Fire”

EDITOR’S CHOICE – Selected by Editor of FellowScript, Nina Morey,
for an outstanding piece in FellowScript 2016/17 year:
$100.00 Connie Inglis “Cars, Karaoke, and Cats”

BARNABAS AWARD – Selected from InScribe Member applicants by the
Barnabas Award Committee to encourage and help the writer. (Anonymous Donor)
$250.00 Award Tandy Balson


Winter Contest 2016

Non-fiction: Wholeness
by Andrea Kidd

Fiction: Breaking Alvin’s Fast
by Marcia Laycock

Poetry: The Pregnant Pause
by Alvin Enns

(No prize was awarded in the devotional category)

Fall Contest

NEW! 2016 Janette Oke Award – Janice Dick

Barnabas Award

2016 – Eleanor Bertin

2015 – Nina Faye Morey

2014 – Melanie Fischer

2013 – Brenda Leyland

2012 – Brenda J. Wood

2011 – Nikki Rosen

2010 – Barbara Quaale

2009 – No award this year

2008 – Elaine Ingalls Hogg

Blog 2016:

  • 1st – Marcia Laycock  “Until That Day”
  • 2nd – Wendy Macdonald  “Better is One Book in God’s Library than   Thousands Elsewhere”
  • 3rd – Violet Nesdoly  “Eleven Must Haves in My Toolkit”
  • HM – James Bruyn  “Humility Meets Anxiety”

Devotional 2016:

  • 1st – Donna Gartshore “God is always with us”
  • 2nd – Janet Seever “To See Him More Clearly”
  • 3rd – Jack Popjes “The Day the Teacher Learned”
  • HM – Carol Harrison “Hoping for a Miracle”

Poetry 2016:

  • 1st – Sheri Hathaway  “I Am a Hawk”
  • 2nd – Donna Gartshore  “Where Did You Find God Today?”
  • 2nd – Sharon Cavers  “Your Voice”
  • 3rd – Violet Nesdoly  “Dangerous Secret”
  • HM – Sharon Cavers  “He”

Fiction 2016:

  • 1st – Pam Mytroen  “Onions, Satin & Hope”
  • 2nd – Eleanor Bertin “A Tale of Two Sisters”
  • 3rd – Connie Inglis  “Grand – An Allegory of Hope”

Non-Fiction 2016:

  • 1st – Bobbi Junior  “Satan’s Attack on the Sanctity of Life — How Do We Respond?”