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Direct website queries to Ruth L. Snyder.

For info about the InScribe Professional Writing blog (Blog on Writing), contact Steph Nickel.

For info about the InScribe Writers Online blog, contact Tracy Krauss.

Direct FellowScript queries to Nina Faye Morey, Editor.

To update your info on Writing Groups, Members’ Links and Inscribe Author List links, email Tandy Balson.

If you need to update your info in the Members’ Directory, email Pam Mytroen

If you’re having trouble connecting to Members’ Listserv on Yahoo, email Gwen Mathieu.


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InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship
P.O. Box 99509
Edmonton, AB  T5B 0E1

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InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship
P.O. Box 99509
Edmonton, AB
T5B 0E1

Email Contacts:
President: Ruth L. Snyder
Webmaster: Janis Cox
FellowScript Editor: Nina Morey
Membership Coordinator:
Pamela Mytroen

The Other Blog

InScribe Writers Online blog features InScribe members posting about InScribe's main themes: WRITING and FAITH. For a link to that blog, click here.

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