Making Connections: Writers’ Conferences by Janice L Dick

MAKING CONNECTIONS: WRITERS’ CONFERENCES I’ve made a lot of literary friends over the years since I began writing. Many of them are online relationships because I live on a farm on the Canadian prairies. So, I rarely meet those from far away. However, I’ve been blessed to be introduced to The Word Guild and InScribe Read More

12 Reasons to Attend a Writers’ Conference by Steph Beth Nickel

Although I was only able to attend the Saturday sessions of Write Canada this year, as always, I was abundantly blessed.

Here are a dozen benefits of attending a conference or even a one-day workshop:

Focus exclusively on writing and related topics.

Especially if you write from home, there are many day-to-day things that distract from writing: children, housework, Facebook. It isn’t that these things are bad—far from it—but it’s hard to be productive if your attention is constantly flitting from one thing to the next to the next. Read More