Christmas Greetings 2017

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InScribe Christmas Anthology by Sally Meadows

In September 2017, InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship launches their new anthology (name TBA), a collection of Christmas stories, poems, plays, recipes, craft ideas, and more, with contributions by members all across Canada. As the new Press Coordinator for InScribe, I will be overseeing this project with a team of InScribe members who have graciously offered Read More

Christmas Greetings

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All Because of a Story by Pamela Mytroen

vintage-1706204_960_720What is your favourite Christmas tradition? Decorating the tree, exchanging cards, or even the simple greeting of “Merry Christmas”? Did you ever stop to think how these ideas took hold and came to be so cherished? Storytellers have had much influence in not only restoring long lost Christmas traditions but also in totally re-inventing them. Following are two examples of authors from a myriad whose beloved characters stepped out of their simple stories and changed history. Read More