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Barnabas Award

NOTE: Submissions will be accepted for 2018, starting in June.

The Barnabas Fellowship is a grant of $250 enabling a member of InScribe to further his or her progress in writing. It is named for Barnabas, a co-worker with the Apostle Paul. His story is found in the book of Acts. Barnabas means “encourager,” which coincides with the purpose of this award.

Applications for the Barnabas Fellowship grant are accepted each Summer (deadline is August 31st of the current year).  The Fellowship is awarded at the Fall Conference to a current member of InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship.

You must be a member to InScribe to qualify.  Carefully read the following rules before making application.


The Barnabas Fellowship grant is awarded  to a member of InScribe each year at the Fall Conference, and with summer upon us, it’s time to get working on your application.

If you desire to take your writing to a new level, winning this award might just be the motivation and ‘encouragement’ to help you achieve your current writing goals.

Please carefully read the rules and guidelines.  Fill in the application form and provide the other documents listed below.  Send your package to the address listed on the application.

  • Applicants must hold a current year InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship membership.
  • Application must be postmarked no later than August 31 for the year of application.
  • Both published and unpublished writers may apply.

The application form must be completed entirely and included with the following information:

  • Biography / brief history of your writing experience: describe when you became interested in writing, the progress you have made, courses you have taken, conferences attended and any other relevant information. Length: no more than one page.
  • Curriculum vitae / summary of published writing: include books, magazine articles, poetry, newspaper features, columns, etc. You can include work published in church bulletins and newsletters. If your work has not been published in any form, mark “Never published” on your curriculum vitae.  Length: no more than one page.
  • Personal essay / explanation of your writing goals and how this award could help you achieve them: you may also describe how God is using your writing ability. Length: no more than one page.
  • Tear sheet of a published article / photocopy is permissible: demonstrating your writing ability. If you have not been published, send 1-3 pages (maximum) of your writing as a sample of your work.
  • Recipient will not be required to account for their use of this grant but ICWF asks that the winner respect the stated intention of this Fellowship award.
  • Please send copies (not originals) as no applications or manuscripts will be returned.

Barnabas Fellowship Rules and Application form