10 Excuses I Hear Most Often

Thanks to Brenda Wood for sharing Lucy V. Hay’s post.

1. “I wish . . .”
Stop it. Just stop it. You want to write? Do it. You want to try your hand at another type of writing? Do it. You want to change genres? Do it. DO IT! You get the gist. Life is too short. You might die tomorrow. You probably won’t, so why add another 24 hours not doing what you want to with your life? Read More

Take Charge of Your Writing Life by Tracy Krauss

For most of the writers I know, finding ideas to write about is not an issue. Finding the time to craft these ideas into something worthy of sharing is another thing altogether. It takes effort. It takes discipline. It takes a certain amount of dogged determination. Read More

A Time and Place to Write by Jack Popjes

You’ll never find time to write, but you can make time. And when you make time, you need to make a place as well. Productive writers know that time and place tend to be connected. It has to do with what actors call body memory. Read More

Ten Steps to Prepare for Your Writers’ Workshop by Pamela Mytroen

1. Create an appropriate title for your workshop.
Your title is like a menu item. It must be short and concise but appealing and descriptive to writers as they peruse the list of workshops at a conference. “The Life of Pie for Writers” was one of my recent workshop titles. It worked well visually. Read More